Brilliant – simply brilliant!

See the person not the dementia

1.Don’t say, ‘but don’t look or sound like you have dementia’
2.Don’t tell us we are wrong
3.Don’t argue with us
4.Don’t say ‘remember when…’
5.Don’t call us ‘sufferers’ or ‘victims’
6.Don’t say we are ‘demented’, ‘demented sufferers’, ‘fading away’, ‘disappearing’, have a ‘dementing illness’, an ‘empty shell’, or are ‘not all there’
7.Don’t say you are ‘living with dementia’ unless you are diagnosed with dementia
8.Don’t remind us of the death of a loved one or pet
9.Don’t blame the person with dementia for the changes in behaviour or personality
10.Don’t assume we do not understand you
11.We have a form or type of dementia, not an ‘affliction’
12. Don’t refer to us as ‘aggressive’, ‘wanderers’, ‘poor feeders’, ‘wetters’, ‘non-communicators’, ‘vocalisers’ or as ‘obstructive’ – we are still human beings
13.Don’t assume we can’t feel pain just because we may not be able to tell you about it

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